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    • StreamersExclusive Streamer Odds: Top streamers are online 24/7 with up to 10 different kinds of odds per round.

    • E-SportsProfessional E-Sports Odds: The most events, best odds, and the most discounts anywhere!

    • Professional E-Sports Odds: The most events, best odds, and the most discounts anywhere!
      The biggest selection of odds for professional e-sports.
    • More than 100 professional e-sports events and over 1,000 odds on offer every single day including
      LOL, King of Glory, Dota 2, and more!
    • Top players streaming LoL, DoTA and other top games hours a day, 7 days a week.
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    • With more than 10 kinds of odds offered on every event, you can customize your bets however you want. Win/lose, first blood, highest score, and more!

    Android and iOS apps designed for hardcore e-sports fans.

    Just scan the QR code below to get started. Our app is designed to provide only the fastest, safest, and most reliable e-sports betting platform. In addition, it's your go-to source for all of the latest e-sports news, upcoming events, and special bonus offers.

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    • All bets with odds greater than 1.5 qualify for a rebate. For bets with odds below 1.5, a rebate is only offered on a lost bet.

    • For parlay ticket, the rebate will be based on the odds calculated by multiplying all the odds within the parlay ticket.

      For example, customer A bets on a parlay ticket with odds of 2,3, and 4. The rebate will be counted as if the odds are 2x3x4, which is 24.

      Rebates will be calculated and distributed every day. All tickets settled between 00:00 and 23:59 the same day will be calculated and we will distribute rebates to the customer's wallet at 00:05 the next day.

      You can earn a free upgrade to a VIP account by referring your friends. By referring one friend, you can upgrade to VIP Level 2, and by referring 3 friends you can upgrade to VIP Level 3. All qualifying referrals are subject to our terms and conditions.

    • An example of a bet of 10,000 placed at VIP 3 will result in the following rebates at each bracket of odds.

      If the customer is betting at an odd of 4, his rebate will be grouped into the 2.5 - 4 bracket. If he is betting at an odd over 4, such as 4.01, his rebate will be grouped into the next bracket of 4 - 6.

    • DJ Esports is proud to announce our partnership with our streamers Thorin, Luki Luki, Wickd, Rezone, Nikolarn. Check out their streams for more contents and giveaways.

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